In Memoriam

Së l’mésse vônye, djë m’é va avou on bokè d’Nête è m’tchèna.(1)

Claude Snaps

To my father, René Dumoulin

On Tuesday, April 29, 2003, a wind from the north carried the rumor through Nethen “René da Siré es’t’evônye” (2), as a whisper this rumor went across the valley spreading little by little on the “Six vallées” so dear to you.
You have devoted much of your life to this village where you were born and where you lived all your life.
You spent hours tracking the story, searching among the dozens of documents gleaned around, interviewing the elders or delving into your own memories.
You liked to recall this phrase “On vi kë moûr, c’è-st-one bibilioték kë brûl” (3) but today it is even worse, “Asteûr , c’èst l’bibilioték k’è-st-èvôye avou l’clé “(4). To avoid that your work enters oblivion I have undertaken to make it known to the world and will try to pursue it.
This site, devoted to the village of your life, is dedicated to you, I will fill it with your memories, with your researches and with images you left us as heritage.
It will be complemented by what your friends will want to provide, and I hope it grow into the official site of this small village, nestled in a valley of Brabant Wallon, where “René da Siré” gave his first cry on earth on December 22, 1937.



(1) On the highway, I walked away with a piece of Nethen in my basket.
(2) Rene, the son of Désiré passed away.
(3) An old man who dies is a library that burns
(4) This time it is the librarian who left with the key